Case studies for mobile devices

Remote assistance:

Your firm maintains machinery and equipment. Sometimes, your maintenance personnel encounter a problem that is difficult to solve and for which they need external support. A telephone call may not necessarily provide them with fast, effective assistance in resolving the problem. Thanks to the AR4vision mobile application, voice and video calls can be made from any smartphone to help you carefully and precisely guide your personnel through complex processes and procedures. As a result, you save both time and money.

Knowledge sharing

The maintenance firm in which you work wants employees to be suitably trained and prepared to solve any problems they may come across during their work. Every firm has an experienced employee who is a key source of knowledge. Thanks to the application, your personnel can contact their more experienced colleague to seek their advice. Such knowledge sharing enables you to respond faster and solve problems more quickly. This benefits both you and your client.

Production line maintenance

Your firm is responsible for maintaining a factory production line. However, unexpected faults or breakdowns can cause a halt in production, which increases running costs for the company. Often, the cause is simple, but it can take several hours for your maintenance personnel to get on site.

Thanks to its audio-visual capabilities and the function of drawing on the smartphone screen, the AR4vision application can speed up the process of identifying a fault, enable temporary mode (until the serviceman arrives) or fully repair the fault. A fast response is the key to success.

Remote assistance, maintenance

In addition to maintaining machinery and equipment, your firm often implements new solutions to improve the quality of your services. This must be carried out quickly and be error-free to ensure your clients do not incur additional costs. Maintenance personnel must therefore be trained in the implementation of such solutions. Thanks to our application, employees sent to implement new solutions on site can be supported by the solution designer or by a person responsible for its implementation.

In addition, the same procedure can be carried out in several places simultaneously. Using the AR4vision application, the person responsible for the project can support several employees simultaneously, irrespective of where they are. This improves the quality and speed of implementing changes.

Installation, maintenance

The firm in which you work produces machinery and equipment used in production plants around the world. Unfortunately, maintenance or repairs in locations far from your company headquarters are expensive for your clients. The AR4vision mobile application is the ideal solution to this problem. For every piece of machinery sent to clients, the application code can be provided for the duration of the guarantee which can be used if technical problems arise. Even if they are several thousand kilometers away, you can contact the machine supervisor free of charge using a smartphone for immediate support or a complete or partial repair of the machine. This reduces maintenance personnel travel costs and avoids a halt in production at your client’s facility.

Thanks to a smartphone or tablet, you can either conduct video calls, direct employees through maintenance and installation procedures, or give instructions remotely by highlighting on the device the step by step actions to be carried out. This saves time and money and guarantees high-quality service. By downloading the application, company employees can share knowledge and support each other no matter where they are working in the world.

Maintenance services via AR4vision call to call (door to door)

Your firm offers a door to door service, which is a popular maintenance option often chosen by your clients. The AR4vision application can be used to streamline this process. Thanks to direct contact with the client via the application, you can make an initial analysis of the fault, or even carry out remote repairs. This saves both time and money but is also an immediate response, which significantly improves client satisfaction.

Start-up services, installation, first use

Your firm sells gas stoves, home appliances and bathroom fixtures. Clients have the option to purchase the equipment with fitting and installation. Thanks to the AR4vision smartphone or tablet application, you can provide your clients with support while they install the equipment themselves, showing them step by step how to install or start appliances. This allows you to provide fitting and installation services without leaving the company. What’s more, you can install equipment for several clients in one day, which helps to reduce travel costs.

Post-warranty services

A client has contacted you who wants to carry out post-warranty maintenance of his machinery, which had previously been maintained by one of your competitors. In order to assess the work and to order the necessary parts, you need to send one of your employees to the site for several hours.

Using the application, you can view the site remotely and agree on the details with the client about the parts needed or the elements that require maintenance. This solution reduces the costs of traveling to clients while at the same time increasing the number of client visits in one day.

Insurance audit

Cracked windscreens and scratched bodywork are a common occurrence. To view a damaged car, your firm must send a consultant every time to gather the necessary data from the client and help them to complete all the formalities. Thanks to the AR4vision application, you can conduct this viewing by communicating remotely with the car owner. Damage can be noted and documented using photos, and the full documentation can be completed quickly, efficiently and without incurring any travel costs.

Supervision of several production plants

You are responsible for the machinery in a production facility. The plant has several branches around the country, three of which are allocated to you. Sometimes, while you are visiting one plant, it turns out that you are needed in another. The AR4vision application can help you in just such situations. By ensuring that the people you meet most often all have the application, you can support them and pass on important information irrespective of where you are. This saves time and speeds up production processes.

Knowledge sharing amongst employees in different plants

The chain of production plants you work for all cooperate closely with each other in spite of the distances between them. Unfortunately, due to a lack of specialists, this involves regular visits to other sites. Thanks to the application, employees can communicate with each other and share their knowledge irrespective of where they are at any given time. This solution speeds up decision-making and implementation processes, which directly improves work efficiency.

Innovators, R&D

In your firm, you are responsible for streamlining processes in the production facility. You like innovative but also practical solutions. The AR4vision application, based on augmented reality technology, is just such a solution. It can be used to improve the sharing of knowledge within firms, and is useful in counteracting divisions within companies by supporting weaker departments.

By entering into cooperation with the developer, you can adapt the application to your needs. This means you can create innovative, dedicated solutions that save you time and money, and also speed up the production processes in your company. The application works both on smartphones and tablets.