Case studies

Remote service

Imagine a situation in which one of the machines on production fails. A service request is sent the next day. Depending on the availability of the service, the repair takes place after a few days. Having augmented reality glasses and the AR4vision application you can shorten the reaction time and the device can be operational on the same day, assuming that the service employee will help to remove this failure (remotely). Additionally the machine downtime is reduced.


The service inspection of the device that we produce is approaching. There is a need to send two people to our client (located in Germany) and arrange a date in advance. Instead of two people, we can now send one person, less experienced, who with the support of the AR4vision application will carry out this task by himself. In this case, we use a less experienced person (which is a comfortable solution in the situation of staff shortages), and additionally we significantly reduce travel costs.

Quick reaction

The air conditioning in the production hall works incorrectly. Probably there is something with a ventilation. It will take a few days from the service request to repair, but it is very hot outside and this has an impact on the temperature inside the hall. An immediate reaction is needed. Using the AR4vision application, we can quickly contact the manufacturer and indicate to him an improperly functioning device. He will help us quickly to remove the fault.

Beyond distance

You have a plant located at the other end of your country. Using the augmented reality technology and AR4vision application, you can now have a preview (video) of what is happening in a particular place. You can also access the parameters and settings of machines or devices from that location.

Costs cutting

You have a production plant that is located in Asia. On average, once a month you send employees to hold trainings there. Now you can do it at a lower cost by sending augmented reality glasses with the AR4vision application. The training can now be carried out quickly (day by day) without the need to go there.