Augmented Reality Solutions

for Business

Remote assistance

The AR4vision application and the augmented reality glasses Microsoft Hololens is a solution that enables remote audiovisual support for two people in different locations.

Both users have the possibility to manipulate with video streaming and add hints (eg arrows). In addition, it is possible to "freeze" the video in the field of view of the user's glasses.


Microsoft Hololens

We use augmented reality glasses to support employees in real time, working in remote locations.

AR4vision application

We provide advanced services related to creating Augmented Reality (AR) applications. This kind of applications can effectively support the area of production and training, as well as provide contextual knowledge in many areas of business operations.

The scope of our services

Our team provides a wide range of services, from data presentation and visualization of 3D objects, optimization, trainings in augmented reality technology, to integration with other systems and data (IoT).

Engineer with virtual assistance

Our application significantly improves the work of servicers, trainers and technicians.



Distance assistance during maintenance and repairs in case of breakdown.



Leading the employee through the procedures for more efficient and accurate fulfilling the tasks.



The application supports quality control in real time.



Distance trainings and sharing of knowledge.

Benefits for companies

Savings resulting from reduced repair time, number of duty trips or machine downtime are just some of the advantages of using remote assistance with the AR4vision application.

  • Reduction of travel expenses
  • Time savings in case of repairing machines and devices
  • Reduction of downtime of machines requiring repair
  • Remote checks and remote service of machines and devices
  • Quick access to expert knowledge
  • Scaling knowledge - the possibility of implementing fast remote training
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction

Access to expert knowledge

We offer the highest level of support and efficiency with access to instructions and experts. Thanks to the hints on the virtual screen of the application, we get immediate support from the technician, service technician or trainer.

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About Us

AR4vision sp. z o.o. is a product company operating in cooperation with 4Experience sp. z o.o. The company was created to develop the augmented reality application called AR4vision. The company's clients are currently such companies as: Elektrobudowa S.A., FN Glob sp. z o.o., Majet s.c. and many others.

Our Clients

The company's offer is addressed to companies in the industrial and service sector, in particular services and maintenance departments of these enterprises. The product also has other uses, including remote trainings.

How the process works

From a company's indivdual needs assesment to a fully-customized application implementation.


Case studies

Wide spread of applications, from remote service and maintenance to team trainings and knowledge sharing.



In the event of a failure, the device manufacturer has quick and direct access to the device thanks to our application and glasses. In many cases, this allows to avoid site visits to solve the problem and significantly reduce the machine downtime.



We support the work of servicemen allowing for remote measurements and tests without the need to travel an expert to a given location. All activities can be performed by an unskilled worker on site using our system.



Trainings can be carried out at a distance. Thanks to audiovisual communication and markings on the application screen, the trainer can effectively provide the necessary information. Participants of the training receive access to materials in the form of a database to which they have permanent access.

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